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GDPR sales training

Hello All

I am sure like us you are starting to fear the letters GDPR, it feels like everyone has some advice to give and wants to charge a fortune for it.

Here at Destiny we are not really worried about the techncal side, what systems we need to have, how we are supposed to handle information. No! all we care about is how are we supposed to continue selling and growing our businesses without falling foul of the ruling.

So we set about finding the answers, trawling through documents, speaking to lawyers, getting confirmation through the ICO and we have found the best ways to continue as we are, without risking any hefty fines.

It has been a journey. If you want to know what we found we will be happy to show you.

We are running some low cost trainng courses for just £99+VAT per person. This will be a half day course and we can either conduct these at your premises (minimum 3 people) or at locations throughout the region. Dont wait for a fine let us help. Contact now to enquiries@destinybusinessconsultancy.co.uk or ring 07767 479740

Have a great day