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Handling Complaints

How Should I deal with a complaint?

I always think complaints should be seen as an opportunity to shine, your customer will probably have used one of your competitors previously and came to you because of how a complaint was handled. Let’s get something straight things will go wrong, this is the nature of any business.

First you really need to take responsibility for the issue, NOT THE BLAME. It requires careful handling and your customer needs to know it is been dealt with correctly.

So in this order:-

  1. Log the complaint and listen to the issue, anything you are not sure of, ask for clarification.
  2. Make a note of everything, even if it doesn’t seem relevant, if the complainant is bringing it up. it is important to them.
  3. Repeat back what the complaint is, if you have missed anything it will be brought up now.
  4. Carefully go through a plan of action with the person you are speaking to and make sure they appreciate exactly what is happening.
  5. Clarify your actions by an email so it is in writing.
  6. The most important, DO what you said you would. This is the part where most customers are lost.
  7. Contact back as a courtesy to confirm they are happy with the outcome.

Dead simple, but seems really hard to get right. Keep customers happy and like any other relationship it will flourish.

Happy Selling

The Destiny Team