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New Sales People

How many times have you heard a sales person talk to you and it feels like this person has no idea of how to get across what they have? Or worse, it is obvious they have learnt or are reading from a script, (stop them half way through and watch them panic as they try and remember where they got to).  I have been so disappointed recently by the level, (or rather lack), of professionalism coming across from people that I want to make it my aim to address the situation.

It looks like recent cut backs across all companies in an ever more competitive

world means there is a lack of incentive to bring in new talent and allow them to

grow under the wings of more experienced sales professionals.

So as the "old guard" retire, new people are thrown in at the deep end and expected to operate instantly. When this does not happen, (it won't), the company in question has to let a once enthusiastic and ambitious individual either go and be disheartened or move them to more mundane positions.

We at Destiny want to bring in the new generation of sales people, who can be proud of the work they do and enjoy what is a very beneficial career. 


The Destiny Team